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“I live in Southern California, graduate high school in 4 weeks, and looking to be a plumber. You have inspired me to become a plumber

- Abraham Gutierrez


“I'm starting an apprenticeship program that my province provides next month. And your videos have been great for getting me into the mindset. I appreciate everything you do buddy.

- Melanin


“Men like Roger are the true backbone and future of America and the wisdom and leadership this country desperately needs.

- Otso Berg


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The Law of Supply and Demand says when there aren't enough of a product or service, we have to pay more for the products and services we need.


Get in the trades NOW so YOU can be the Expert that's paid more as this happens!

The NEXT 60 DAYS could CHANGE EVERYTHING as you Get Into the Trades and BEGIN A CAREER YOU LOVE!

I'm sharing 40 years of secrets to short cut your path to make money making a difference.

ATTN: Determined New Tradesmen


I Get It! I know getting into the trades can be a pain!


I am here to ENSURE you

accomplish going from interested in the trades

to getting your first job 

as a plumber, electrician, carpenter

or other tradesman or trades woman.


Finally, You can come home from work feeling valuable by joining an industry that is quickly increasing in pay and becoming more in need each year.

From: Roger Wakefield

RE:  How a simple decision today can create job security for the rest of your life, in a high paying career.


Dear Potential Trades Pro,


I'm ROGER WAKEFIELD, some say YouTube's "most popular plumber".  Which is simply because I share a job most wouldn't share with the public.  AND PEOPLE are curious about this HANDLE BAR MUSTACHE!

But SERIOUSLY, I am passionate about being a tradesman, and I have realized, more and more people want to know how can they get into the trades.  How can they experience the fulfillment of providing a service to families so they have a better quality of life, and greater health and safety.  

And you’re here because possibly you want to join the army of new tradesman that will make up the next generation of trades heroes.


I want to invite you to ask WHY IS NOW A GOOD TIME to make the decision to get into the trades?

  • Is it because you can see a good opportunity when it comes and realize out of every 100 people retiring in the trades there are only 70 to replace them?
  • Is it because you haven’t quite found the right career that speaks to you?
  • Is it because your current situation leaves more month at the end of the money?
  •  Or have you always been handy and are finally realizing that could make you a lot of money?


40 Years ago I started in the Trades but I never expected what it would do for my life...

I don’t want to over glorify what we do, but 40 years ago when I started, I had no idea how much potential this industry really had.  I just wanted a decent paying job, and a consistent pay check. Can you relate?

Still, overtime I realized although the trades can provide both of those, not everyone in the trades gets that certainty. 

So, I paid attention, I studied, I hired mentors, and I grew my career and found that it's not just the trades that are a solution, but more important is how you get into the trades, and then build your way up

I now have a Plumbing business, with six crews that stay busy all day everyday.  I have a great staff and gratefully I I get to make more than most doctors, and...

it all started with the same decision you may be considering today.

Deciding to get into the trades.

This Proven 60-Day Method To Get You Started On An Exciting And Enjoyable Career Path in the Trades



Finally, there is ONE PLACE where you can go from not even sure which trade to join to accepting your first job position in the trades.

Here is exactly how we work together to



FIRST,  you simply sign up here for the 8 week Get Into the Trades Program

Immediately, you'll get the first step sent to you in your email

This will set you up with an in-depth module this will help you decide which trade is right for you. 

And it will provide steps to take to keep you moving forward toward getting your first job. 


The next steps roll out weekly which holds you accountable to finishing the last step. 

Just a few minutest per day or 2 hours per week you can step by step move toward your goal of becoming a tradesman.

You can stay on pace, or review the program over and over at a pace that feels right for you.


Plus, you will have exclusive access to get answers from me monthly. 

It's all the details to confidently get to your first job plus support as you move forward with fellow trades heroes.

Now, the trades is a real job, which takes people willing to be on time, show up, and do what is required. 

If you are lazy, just want to get paid for being at a cubicle, or aren't willing to be responsible for your future, this is not for you!


But, if you can see that there is an industry that can't be automated by robots due to the difference in each service issue. 


And you can see that it doesn't take a $40,000 college education to succeed in the trades. 


And you liking the idea of feeling proud of what you do in this world.

Now, is the time to get clear and start your journey into the trades in the quickest and easiest way possible.


Here's some feedback on what I've shared so far!

"Mad RESPECT to you Rodger, your advice for getting into the trades is amazing.  I’m starting an IBEW Trade school soon at 22 years old. I just got out of the Navy and you really helped me get the information for a super smooth transition into the trade world."

- Sam Dowling


"Hi there!! I’m 30 and just started my new course to become a plumber! Watching your ideas is invaluable! Thanks very much."

- FR


"Hey Roger, I love your videos! They’ve helped me out a lot with my apprenticeship! Keep doing what you’re doing"

- Aaron Dalton

Module 1: The Right Trade for You

Get into the right trade by first understanding what's out there and how to choose.

  • You will get clear on the right trade for you!
  • You will learn the steps required to get into the trade you choose!
  • You will find out the income potential in each so you can decide confidently which is right for your end goals.

Module 2: Learning the Basic Construction Skills

You will become a competent key and reliable piece of the construction site with this training. 

  • You will learn the vocabulary of a trades professional 
  • You will save thousands of dollars on tools with our list of key tools for the job.
  • You will gain the credibility and self-assurance that leads to quicker growth and opportunity within your company.

  • Conquer your fears that Math will stop you from succeeding!

Module 3: Learning Your Way Up

Here you will realize there is no limits to what you can do in the trades!

  • You’ll learn the secrets to rapid advancement in your career.

  • You’ll uncover what creates opportunities to make more money.

  • You’ll discover how to become lay-off proof if times get hard.

Module 4: Interview Skills

Walk in with the confidence and knowledge you need to get the job or opportunity you want!

  • I’ll show you how to find the right company to join

  • I’ll explain how to show up for the interview so you fit in and stand out!

  • You’ll be ready to say the right things and hear what you need to, so you get the job

Module 5: The Path to Leadership

You will gain strategies to be an incredible leader by first learning little known skills

  • I’ll share keys to communication that attracts clients, opportunity and promotions.
  • You will learn what it takes to maintain your position and create longevity with your company
  • You will gain the skills of how to learn so you continue to grow

Module 6: Competition in the Trades

Gain an unfair advantage in competing within your trades career.

  • You will learn how to leverage existing structures and organizations to further your career

  • You will be clear how to position yourself and your mindset to reach higher income and greater positions.

  • You will learn to grow in your career in a way that leads to leadership opportunity.

Module 7: Jobsite Safety

Gain the skills that protect you and your team and your future.

  • You will see how to keep you and your company free from injury and lawsuits
  • You will realize a simple skill that makes your jobs run smoothly, and run safely

  • You will learn how to enjoy the jobsite, without unnecessary risk

Module 8: Passing the Journeyman’s Test

Qualify for that job by passing the test and moving your career forward.

  • Learn the keys to preparing yourself to become a journeyman

  • Empower yourself to have the mindset that gets you qualified as a journeyman

  • Learn the secrets to passing the test the first time.


Bonus #1: Getting Financially Sound ($99 Value)

  • It's not about what you make, rather about what you keep.
  • Learn Money Management Skills that ensure less stress
  • Simple Budgeting Skills to empower you towards financial stability

Bonus #2: Top 10 Questions to ask in a Job Interview ($39 Value)

  • Ensure you pick the right company
  • Show your competency and knowledge
  • Get paid more through better questions

Bonus #3: Negotiation Training ($199 Value)

  • Become a Master Negotiator with clients and employers
  • Earn more money with these skills
  • Become highly valued by gaining higher paying clients.

Bonus #4: Exclusive Facebook Group & 12 months of Training ($999 Value)

  • Connections to a Nationwide network of tradesmen
  • Exclusive Trainings 1 time per month
  • Get Your Trades Questions Answered in a smaller group environment.

I'll See You On the Inside

By this point you know whether this is right for you, so if you are ready to join the Trades Tribe, and get into the career you want.

Let's do this!

Your favorite Plumber

Roger Wakefield

PS. We have a Frequently Asked Questions below if by chance you still have questions.

PPS. We are only allowing a limited number in this first round at the massively discounted price.  So don't wait for the clock to expire.


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  • Bonuses worth $1,336


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You have Nothing to Lose with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you go through each of the first 4 modules in the "GET INTO THE TRADES PROGRAM" and it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step toward creating a real opportunity to find your first job in the trades.  If it doesn’t provide major time savings in the job search or if it fails to help you know the path feel confident in your ability to become a tradesman, then you can ask to receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!

We do ask for you to review all videos in these modules to receive the refund.

As you can see all the risk is squarely on our shoulders so... come join us!


The content we provide is for educational services only.  The Trades Academy does not guarantee financial results from our program.  We are not attorney's, license advisors, or acting as a representative of any other professional organization or union. 

Most people choose to do nothing, if you are one of those people we encourage you not to join this program.